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The Beginning Of a New Journey

Hi, everyone. Sunday morning. Day at the Grove. We've owned the Grove now all of three weeks, and it's taken me three weeks to start to record the journey. Our feet haven't stopped. We've hit the road running and. We have been inundated with stuff to do. Inundated? I'll just. I'll flip this around. Let's see where I can flip this around now. Can I flip this around? No. Anyway, so I just thought I'd turn the video on. Record the journey. Mavis is going for a walk. I'll flip it around. So I don't know if I choose to edit. I will. So, 2100 olive trees, 21 acre property. Six months in the making. And here we are. Love it. The journey's been incredible. Moved to Tasmania two years ago. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be a farmer or an olive grove owner. But here we are. It's amazing how life can shift and change. And so I've gone from New South Wales leading a very different life to the one that I'm leading right now. I just love it and it's really good. It's Sunday morning. I don't know if you can tell. I'm absolutely exhausted. And I think because of the three weeks leading up to today, the view's incredible. So I'm just going to flip this around. Oh, can you see? So that was our first challenge. Behind us is the water temperature can stand in the shade. It's very hot. There we go. They talk about Tasmanian weather being cold. No, I ain't the case. Not in summer.

Sun is very direct. Can you see that big crack water tank? So what do they say when you first buy a property? I know in residential real estate they say put some money aside for the hot water tank. It generally is the first thing that goes unexpectedly well. A hot water tank? Yep. Started to the crack got bigger and bigger. There was just a few holes midway down and the water was just trickling out, hence causing you can sort of see a bit of a stream coming out of the water tank. So I know a waterproof for and the waterproof for is a qualified painter. So I asked for his opinion and advice. He came along and did the best he could. By repairing it, you can sort of see the black strip that's been treated. So he angle grinded it and prepared the concrete, prepared the tanks. It's a big concrete tank. It's. Hmm, is it 10,000 gallons up upwards of 50,000 litre. And what it does is it actually feeds the water. It's gravity fed and feeds the whole grove. We're very lucky because there is an underground stream river, I should say underground river. And we can we're tapping into that through a bore. And the bore feeds this tank and then the tank gravity feeds down to the property and all of the grove, the 2100 trees. So there's not many groves that have access to that much unlimited water. So we're very, very lucky. That being said, what happens in the first week we discover that the tank needs replacing.

So yeah, the waterproofing didn't work. All of a sudden the holes or the cracks moved from the centre of the tank because we were able to hold so much water. Half of that tank was it was able to to maintain that water to the bottom. And so that's when disaster hit. So we ordered two new tanks. Two to replace the one. So I think there are 26,000 litres each. So therefore we've got a backup plan and we can empty one and clean the other. All right. So we got some advice from our farmer friend neighbour, and that was the advice we were given and so we've followed through on that. So that's the first part of this journey and I want to really put this up to just share it with you. I have not been doing content for now, near on, I would say two years. And it's because my journey has shifted. I came down here to Tasmania. You just never know where your journey will end up. You just never know. And I felt that I needed to take that. Well, I don't know. It wasn't even orchestrated or thought through. I just took a step back and re-evaluated and just did the things that I wanted to do. And this grove is wow. It's just sort of a culmination of the journey and where it's sort of taken me. It's about the legacy. It's about what I want to create for a future. Because, as you know, my daughter has invested and also my son in law has invested.

And so it's this three three way co ownership. Can you call it CO ownership if there's three? Toes too, isn't it? I'm not sure. But anyway, there's three of us, and it's all about the legacy. That we're going to create their 27 years of age. An olive grove takes decades to establish. They say there are two thing If you want to grow olives, the best thing you can do is buy an olive grove rather than establish an olive grove because it takes a long time to harvest to actually get to the harvest stage with olives. So we've got ten year old trees and we've got 20 year old trees. So we're picking up where the previous owners left off. So it's brilliant. Anyway, that's my first video journal and I will check in with you and just share this journey as we go. By the way, we absolutely know nothing about olives. Absolutely nothing. And so that's going to be interesting as we move forward on this journey because we've got harvest time. May, June, July and the equipment and everything that's here is pretty, pretty antiquated. And yeah, so anyway, we'll see what this journey unfolds for us. It's going to have its challenges and it's going to have its rewards. So anyway, that's me over and out. Don't want to go too long. 7 minutes already. I'll put this video up and hopefully it sort of explains my absence from online content and sharing the journey. But this is the line in the sand by everyone.



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